Privacy Policy

Parimatch Privacy Policy

When you make an account on Parimatch, you automatically agree to our privacy rules. These rules are here to let you know how we gather, keep safe, and use your personal information. By making an account, you’re saying that you’ve read and accepted these rules.

Personal data, in our privacy rules, means any information that identifies you as a unique user. This includes important things like your first and last name, birth year, and where you live.

What Parimatch Collects

At Parimatch, we collect personal information to make our services better and to keep your account and money safe. We start gathering data as soon as you visit our official website and keep doing it whenever you use our services.

The first data we get is about the device you use to log in, like your phone or computer model, what system it runs, where you’re logging in from, your IP address, and more.

Why We Collect Data

We collect personal info from our users for these main reasons:

  1. Making Our Services Better: We use this data to offer you personalized deals and good marketing, so you have a better experience with our service.
  2. Keeping Things Safe: Having your personal info helps us quickly solve problems and protect your account from fraud.
  3. Following the Law: We’re a licensed betting company, and we have to follow the rules set by the government, like in India. This means we have to take steps to stop fraud and money laundering, and having customer info helps us do that.

It’s important to know that we won’t use your personal info to share with other companies without a good reason. The only times we might share it are when the police or government need it. And if you win a lot, we might use your name in our news or promotions.

If you want us to stop using your personal info, you can send an email to our support team. We’ll look into it and do what’s needed. Your privacy and info security are important to us at Parimatch.