Parimatch Horse Racing

Parimatch Horse Racing

One of the oldest recorded sports in the world is horse racing. Horse racing betting for cash has been around for a very long time, particularly in India. The modern era of horse racing had begun during the onset of the 19th century with the British Triple Crown. The rules of horse racing are pretty simple: to win, a horse has to come in the lead. And it seems like a decently simple task, right? That’s where horse racing becomes compelling, as all the part takers particularly train themselves and their horse to be the finest. 

While the NBA, for instance, has 30 teams with 15 players in it, which signifies that there are a sum of 450 players, horse racing goes much beyond that. Yearly, tons of individuals attend horse racing to become a successor. And that’s why you will have a ton more chances for betting! Horse racing is famous in the betting sector. This is why Parimatch, as one of the finest bookmakers globally, provides its players horse racing betting. 

Brief History Of Indian Race Betting

Brief History Of Indian Race Betting

Indians love horse racing with all their heart. Numerous fans root and cheer for their favorite thoroughbreds which race across the field.  

The sport is also so famous since the Indian authorities permit wagering. Today India – is one of the eminent racing centers with a breeding sector and 9 major racecourses. 6 councils oversee the races. 

Even COVID-19 and lockdown didn’t disrupt the industry. Slowly, day after day it is recovering from the setback and now we witness the normal hype for tickets. 

Indian race betting emerged with the initial mass events. Therefore, before 1912 only official bookmakers welcomed bets. After this year the tote monopoly started – all the bookmakers were outlawed from the nation after the decision of the government. The tote system was based on club totalizations and lacked accuracy and control. The winnings were analyzed not on the odds but the number of stakes. But in 1925 an electronic system was established which led to more fame for the sport. Presently with the range of online bookies and quick internet betting has become even more inviting.

Horse Racing Betting for Beginners

We consider betting for new players so we tell you about the straight bets. Exotic ones are for more skilled bettors. All the following mentioned forecasts can be made solely on one horse. So, here are the fundamental bets in horse racing:

Everything is apparent, you select a horse, and if it finishes first, you triumph.

If you wager to place, the stallion has to come first or second. 

The selected stallion should finish first, second or third. It is the safest choice, you hedge the bet, but the size of a possible winnings is substantially less than a place or a win.

It is a so-called combo straight wager. You are betting at the same time on a place, show and a win. This complex bet is more costly than the singular one. For instance, you place a Rs. 400 across the board. If the selected horse wins, you get 3 successful results and the concluding reward would be 5+5+5 = Rs.1200.

Same as the across the board wagers. You bet on 2 outcomes simultaneously.

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How To Bet On
Horse Racing In India?

How To Bet On Horse Racing In India

There are tons of dependable bookies in India. Parimatch club is among them. The firm provides not only domestic races but international tournaments as well. Following is a simple instruction on how to begin betting if you have no idea: 

  1. Select a bookmaker
  2. Fulfill the registration
  3. Sign-in is important for gambling services to conduct KYC policy.
  4. Make the initial deposit
    Only gamers with finances on the gambling balance can gamble and withdraw winnings.  
  5. Place a bet
  6. Pause for the outcome of the event
  7. Cash-out the finances

All the latest bookies warrant transparent and swift payments. 

Types of Bets on Horse Racing

Similar to any other sport, horse racing also has its sorts of bets. And to make better bets, it’s extremely crucial to know the contrast among them. So let’s take a glance through all of them. 

Straight Bets. in this sort of bet, you can win based on the place the horse you bet on gets. This means that you can triumph if the horse is either in any of the first 3 places. 

Across the board. It is a bet when a place can make 3 bets. You bet your horse to conclude in either of the first three places. If your horse triumphs, you will win all three bets. If your horse concludes second, you will win 2 of the 3 bets. If your horse concludes third, you will win only 1 of the 3 bets. 

Exotic Bets. This bet includes more than 1 horse, numerous combinations, and more than just 1 race. It also includes horizontal, vertical and jackpot bets. Single-race bets or vertical bets include forecasting the starting couple of finishers in a single race. Horizontal races include forecasting winners of numerous races. Jackpot bets include making a bet with certain requirements that will win. 

Online Horse Race Betting Tips

  • Learn the data about the horse
    Study how the horse has performed as of lately. 
  • Study about the jockey
    Horse racing is not only about the healthiest and strongest stallions. The rider should also be confident and experienced. 
  • Bet responsibly
    If you lose, don’t borrow cash. Gambling must bring you joy – but definitely not financial issues. 
  • Having a former betting record Betting history is a great habit. You can investigate the outcomes and make the correct conclusions. 
  • Don’t bet on numerous stallions Winning 1 of the bets doesn’t cover much of the loss of the other. 
  • Remain calm and don’t make choices based on emotions An unsteady nervous system is a bad adviser. 

Best Odds in Horse Racing

Now that you have some basic information about horse racing odds, you are all set to take the bet! But when the day arrives, it is great to know what your overall opportunities are in walking away a successor. A few bets have better horse racing odds as compared to others. Following is a quick reference chat that spells out your possibilities of winning the sort of bets and the anticipated payouts. 

Bet Type 

Probabilities of Winning



Very Decent

Decent payouts



Payouts are greater than show



Payoust are greater than place and decided by the win odds.



Trickier bet that can pay slightly or a lot, based on how much is wagered on each choice. 


Very Tough

Elevated payouts but can be costly to play with a ton of mergers. 


Exceeding Tough

Tough to bet unless you have sizable finances, but major payouts are usual. 

India Horse Racing Payout Rules

Every bookie sets its own T&C where all the rules are explained thoroughly. Concerning Parimatch sports horse racing betting: 

  • Payouts can be only from registered accounts
  • Withdrawal time is based on the payment technique and the banking processing center’s load. 
  • If the origin of the finances is suspicious, the bookie has the authority to need additional data.
  • All the finances on the balance can be withdrawn in favor of the bookie if gaming violation takes place. 

Parimatch Withdrawals and Deposits

Before diving deep into the world of gambling, register first of all. It won’t take you much time. You can utilize either the desktop version from the official site or a mobile app for Android. Then triumph and cash out the rewards.

Payment Technique

Minimum Deposit

Maximum Deposit

Minimum Payout

Maximum Payout 

Bank Transfer


Not Mentioned

Rs. 1000

Not Mentioned

UPI, Netbanking, PayTM


Not Mentioned


Not Mentioned


Between Rs.1000 to Rs.4000



Not Mentioned

Why Bet Horse Racing
on Parimatch?

We wish to indicate the primary pros of the bookmaker:

  • Major Sportsbook
    Parimatch highlights all the grand horse racing events. Odds are always reasonable and pleasant. 
  • Support of Indian Bettors
    The firm functions in INR – no currency and fees losses
  • Excellent Bonuses & Loyalty Program
    Just remain active and don’t forget to visit Parimatch to attain memorable discounts and presents. 
  • Rapid Transactions Withdrawals and deposits are practically swift. 
  • Handy application
  • Round the clock help center. 

Customer Support

The customer support is accessible night and day without a break. The team of operators can handle any issue, which include issues with authorization, transaction problems, and difficulties with site or app performance. 

You can apply to Parimatch through:

  • Live chat
  • Email
  • Social media and others. 


Parimatch provides its players to use UPI, MasterCard, Visa, Local Bank as well as others. It’s also worth mentioning that you can withdraw and deposit in rupees.

Of course. Horse racing is a sort of sport where matches take place nearly everyday, so yes, Parimatch updates their bets on horse racing frequently.

If for some reason you can’t place a bet, kindly get in contact with the customer support team. The support of Parimatch functions round the clock and it is multilingual, which signifies that they can quite easily help you with your issues.