Parimatch: Crazy Time Live Game

Parimatch Crazy Time Live Game

What is Crazy Time Game?

Parimatch crazy time online game is where the dealer rotates a wheel that has fields with bonus and numbers games. It is a live casino game where players can watch the action unfold through live streaming, interact with the dealer and place their bets. 

The wheel includes 54 fields (45 number fields and 9 bonus fields). You can place bets on more than just one field simultaneously.

The game’s RTP is 96.08% and the max win apiece is 20,000x your bet.

Rules of Evolution Crazy Time Game

Rules of Evolution Crazy Time Game

The rules of crazy time Evolution are quite simple, and you can be sure to get accustomed as quickly as possible. Before the dealer begins the round by spinning the wheel, players place their bets on the fields they want. 

We have put together small guides on the fields accessible for betting. 

Number Fields – these fields take up most of the field. They are the numericals 10, 5, 2 and 1. The greater the number, the smaller the sum of fields on the Crazy Time casino game wheel. The numerical on the box decides exactly how much you win. So, if you bet Rs. 100 on number 1 and it comes up, you get Rs. 200 (Rs. 100 which are yours and Rs. 100 for the win). If you bet Rs.100 on the numerical 10, you get Rs. 1,100 (Rs. 100 of your cash and Rs. 1000 in winnings). 

Bonus Fields – if the rotating wheel outcomes in a bonus field, the mini-bonus game begins, in which players can get extremely major winnings. There are a sum of 9 of these fields and you can bet on each one of them. 

Following in a description of each one of the bonus fields: 

  • Coin Flip. There are four of these fields on the playing disc. The dealer approaches the table with a coin, which has 2 sides – blue and red. The screen shows the sum of winnings the player gets if he flips each side. The dealer then taps a button and the coin aimlessly falls with the blue or red side and players get their separate winnings;
  • Cash Hunt. The dealer comes to a virtual screen where various winnings can be viewed – 100x, 25x, 15x and so on. The player selects which picture they wish to remove. Then the pictures disappear and you get the winnings based on the number that has fallen out; 
  • Pachinko – the dealer comes up with a unique animated screen, which is a matching format to Plinko. At the extreme bottom of the screen the winnings are shown. The dealer throws the ball, which goes from up and hits the edges of the virtual region and players win based on the odds the ball hits; 
  • Crazy Time. The dealer tackles the red door and opens the room with the bonus Crazy Time casino game wheel. The player selects a color. The dealer then rotates the bonus disc and the color you select points to one of the fields. You get your winnings depending on this field. 

Why Play Crazy Time Games for Real Money at Parimatch?

Why Play Crazy Time Games for Real Money at Parimatch

At Parimatch, we strive to offer you the most secure experience possible when you’re playing Crazy Time online game. In fact, our Indian bettors have highlighted a number of reasons why they have faith in us and appreciate spinning the crazy time wheel at Parimatch. 

  • Completely legitimate and licensed casino
  • Withdraw and deposit without leaving the game
  • Simple withdrawals with Indian payment systems such as Paytm. 
  • One of the quickest-loading live casinos on mobile in India.

Crazy Time Game Login at Parimatch

You are required to make a personal account with a special balance to begin gambling. Crazy time registration to begin playing this game at Parimatch is simple. We have put together a step-by-step instructions for you: 

  1. Head to the official website or open the Parimatch app.
  2. Tap on the registration button.
  3. Select one of the methods to make an account – in a single click through email, through mobile phone or via social networks. 
  4. Fill in the fields and tap on the confirmation button. 

Your individual account will now be successfully made. You will be swiftly logged in, be able to deposit cash into your account in any accessible method and begin playing crazy time game download.

Best Crazy Time Live Game

Best Crazy Time Live Game Strategy

The result of each round is based completely on how the dealer spins the wheel, which signifies that it is completely random. However, a few active crazy time parimatch fans have a range of strategies and utilize them. Even though none of them warrant triumph, we would like to tell you all about them.

Bonus Field Betting – pay close attention to crazy time’s spin history. If there hasn’t been a bonus in some time, you should surely bet on these fields. In fact, there’s a 16.7% possibility that the disc pointer will point to a bonus field each round, which is quite elevated. 

Betting on fields with numericals – there are as many as 45 numerical fields on the playing field. There are 21 numerical fields with a value of just 1. So you can draw up your very own betting patterns so that you have a better than 50% possibility of winning, as long as you rightly allocate your bets to a number of numerical fields. Don’t forget that if you bet on 10 and it actually comes out, then you will get 10x the bet sum. 

The Martingale strategy – this crazy time casino game strategy frequently elevates your bet. In this method, you will sooner or later come out in the black, even though you have been losing a string of bets. 

Tips & Tricks for Winning

There are a couple of tips that we would like to offer you before you begin playing Crazy Time Parimatch: 

  • Begin to play crazy time with small bets, in that way you can understand exactly how the game works; 
  • Always pay attention to the crazy time data about former rounds to approximate the probability of the bonus field falling out; 
  • Bet on more than just one field at a time, particularly when selecting a betting strategy on bonus games;
  • Keep a watchful eye on the bonus multipliers for every round, as they substantially elevate the possible winnings;
  • Always keep an eye on your budget and spread it out wisely among the different fields. 

Download Crazy Time Casino App

Download Crazy Time Casino App

If you wish to gamble with your cell phone you can download Parimatch crazy time casino app for iOS and Android for free. For the purpose of this: 

  • Open Parimatch site through any smartphone browser.
  • Head to the app page
  • Download the version you wish to have on your smartphone and install it. 

Now you can log in to our crazy time casino application at any point of time, deposit cash into your balance and begin playing. 

In the application, you can also watch everything taking place through live streaming. You have access to stats, a tracker and you place your bets through a helpful virtual scoreboard. 

Crazy Time Live Game New Update – you can download the crazy time latest update app at any point of time from our official Parimatch website. If the app has already been installed, you will be informed when a new version is released and you will then be required to: 

  1. Tap on the notification received that there is a latest version of Parimatch. 
  2. Agree to the download and install the newest version of the application. 
  3. Pause for the download to complete, this will take just a couple of seconds. 

You can now utilize the newest version of the Parimatch app to play the Crazy Time Game download. 

Crazy Time Payouts & RTP

The payout in the crazy time live casino game is just as crazy as the game itself! The cash wheel is broken down into multiple segments per result, and every result has a distinctive payout. Below, you’ll discover a breakdown of these for the bonus game and the base games. 

No. of Segments 

Wheel Segment 




Crazy Time


Up to RS.5,00,00,000




Up to RS.5,00,00,000


Cash Hunt


Up to RS.5,00,00,000


Coin Flip


Up to RS.5,00,00,000

















Crazy Time Bonus Game Rounds

Crazy Time Bonus Game Rounds

In crazy time online game, there are 4 thrilling bonus games that you can possibly trigger. In order to play any of the bonus games, you will be required to initially place a bet on the certain game that the disc stops on. 

For instance, if you bet on 10 and the disc stops on Coin Flip, you will not be able to take part in the bonus game. You can place a bet on all four of the bonus rounds simultaneously by choosing your bet sum and tapping on the multi-select button on the betting interface. 

Now let’s take a closer look at what each of these four bonker bonus games looks like!

This is the simplest of the bonus rounds to comprehend. In this bonus round, an aimless multiplier is included to both sides of the coin and it’s flipped by the game show’s host. The side which is facing up is the winning side and the multiplier that is shown on it is included in your winnings. If there was a multiplier won in the leading slot it’s also included in the concluding multiplier that the Coin Flip lands on.

In the cash hunt bonus game, a wall with 108 aimless multipliers is produced. If there is a multiplier from the leading slot, this is included to all 108 of these multipliers. The numericals are then covered by random emblems and shuffled on the board.

In the cash hunt bonus game, a wall with 108 aimless multipliers is produced. If there is a multiplier from the leading slot, this is included to all 108 of these multipliers. The numericals are then covered by random emblems and shuffled on the board.

Now it’s time for the cash hunt to start! A timer will begin and you will be required to select the emblem that you think hides the largest multiplier. Once the timer counts down, the numericals are exposed and your winning multiplier is included in your winnings.

This bonus round attributes a wall with 16 aimless multipliers in landing zones at the end of it. The game begins with the presenter dropping a puck into the wall at an aimless beginning point and the puck moves down while its path is being modified by pegs attached to the wall. Wherever the puck falls, the multiplier in the concluding zone is applied to your winnings as well as any multipliers won from the leading slot.

To make things even more thrilling there is a possibility for the puck to land on DOUBLE. When this occurs, all multipliers are multiplied, the drop zones are randomized and you get to play once again! Landing on DOUBLE numerous times can elevate your multiplier to a max of 10,000x!

This particular bonus is actually nuts! This bonus round contains a substantial 64-segment cash wheel with 3 flappers and numerous crazy time casino game multipliers to be won. Like the remaining of the bonuses, any multiplier from the leading slot will be included before the game begins. 

Before the presenter spins the disc, you have to select one of the 3 flappers on the wheel within the 15-second time span. The segment of the wheel that pauses on your selected flapper represents the multiplier that you win! 

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more crazier, there’s also the alternative to double or triple your multiplier! If your selected flapper lands on DOUBLE or TRIPLE all the multipliers will elevate by the corresponding sum and you get to spin the wheel once again!

Crazy time New Update

You can download the Crazy Time Live new update application at any time from our official Parimatch website. If the application is already installed, you will be informed when the latest version is released and you will then require to: 

  1. Tap on the notification received that there is a latest version of Parimatch. 
  2. Agree to download and install the newest version of the application.
  3. Pause for the download to fulfill, this will just take a few seconds. 

You can now utilize the newest version of the Parimatch app to play the Crazy Time casino Game. 

Crazy Time Tracker & Stats

Crazy time game download is an absolutely transpart game where the result of each round is based on how the dealer rotates the wheel. By doing this, you can be absolutely aware of the data on the roll of any offered field. Technically, you can calculate the mathematical likeness of determining which box will emerge in the ensuing round, but keep in mind that like roulette, with wheel sort of games every round is a new possibility.

Features of Crazy Time game Download India

Features of Crazy Time game Download India

Crazy time has built up an extremely broad audience of tens of thousands of frequent players in a significantly short period of time. This is not surprising, as it has tons of features and advantages: 

  • The max win apiece is 20,000X;
  • The RTP is quite elevated, at a whopping 96.08% 
  • The result of every round is transparent and random;
  • The game has an extremely entertaining TV Show format with a decent atmosphere and bonus games;
  • You can view Spin history Crazy Time game of former rounds; 
  • The user’s stakes have a direct impact on whether he loses or wins, as you decide the fields for yourself;
  • You can play Crazy Time Live Game at any point of time, the presenter will switch, but they are all energetic, charismatic and set a positive vibe. 

Crazy Time Casino App

We most certainly do have a dedicated crazy time casino game application, our mobile website is just as excellent as any of the leading actual cash apps out there! With swift loading times and sleek design, our live casino was developed to be mobile-first! 

Make certain that you bookmark Parimatch in your browser for easy and quick access to the Crazy Time casino game if you don’t wish to download and install the app on your phone. 


A player can enjoy the live casino games in any online casino. Make certain that it’s licensed and regulated for maximum safety playing online.

There is no such right or wrong time to play as the games utilizes a randomized system to produce wins, the system is thus not impacted by former losses or wins or time.

Players will be permitted a 10-second window to place their bets, following which the live host spins the cash wheel. Place your chips on the listed segments on spots 10, 5, 2 and 1 or the 4 money bonuses. Tap on the bet on the 4 button on the lower portion of the screen to begin the session.

Crazy time online game triumphs are achieved when the flapper lands on the bonus or the number you had bet on, and your primary stake is multiplied accordingly. If the wheel falls on the bonuses, you will be transferred to a bonus round.