Parimatch Football Betting
in India

Parimatch Football Betting in India

History of Football

Football is one of the oldest forms of games to exist till now. The sport has been played in some sort of manner or at least been played in varying degrees. For thousands of years, people have invented and participated in games that involved kicking a ball.

If you look back into the history of China, particularly the Han Dynasty, you’ll notice during the 2nd and 3rd centuries a game called Tsu’ Chu, identical to football, was used to train military personnel. The ball was made out of leather and mostly filled with feathers and hair, and the long bamboo canes were used as goalposts. But unlike the modern goalposts, a round circle-like post was placed way above, similar to basketball, giving it a unique and subtle touch. The game was not restricted to gender and saw overwhelming participation from both men and women, especially during festivals and competitions.

Since most of Japan’s culture, political institutions, language, and writing system were influenced by China from around 200 AD onwards, especially during the rule of the Tang  Dynasty. The Japanese Kemari was introduced 1400 years ago during the Yamato Period and is surprisingly still played today in Shinto Shrines during festive occasions.

Though both the games, Tsu Chu and Kemari,  are similar in nature they differ in competitiveness. Since Tsu’ Chu is a military sport, a winner has to be declared by the end of the match, thus boosting everyone’s zeal to play even better. As for Kemari, the game involves passing the ball in a circle without letting it touch the ground, there are no winners or losers; just a dignified and fun way to pass time.

Another major football variation from the West was the Roman game ‘Harpastum’. The game later evolved into today’s modern sport ‘Football’. Harpastum was played with a ball smaller than the regular size, it was passed between two teams on a rectangular ground with boundaries and a centerline.

Harpastum greatly influenced football and created a world full of football lovers. Football marked its beginning in the 19th century in England and later spread to other neighbouring countries. It all started as the ‘rugby football’ and ‘association football split, and the Football Association (F.A.) was born, becoming the sport’s first official governing body.

Popular Football Betting Events to Bet on Parimatch India

Popular Football Betting Events to Bet on Parimatch India

Various sporting events are held around the world but football has its own lot, especially in Parimatch. Below are football events listed, which are held all across the globe and are very popular among bettors:

This event has a special place in the hearts of football lovers as it is an international football match and can be witnessed every 4 years. The World Cup attracts a crowd of millions and hordes of football punters

The next season of the English Premier League will be taking place in the first place of August. This is one of the toughest matches in the world, attracting one of the most talented players.

 The UCL only accepts the top clubs from the various European leagues. With regard to the amount of wagers it draws, the competition has surpassed the World Cup in popularity.

The Indian Super League, also known as the ISL is a fan-favourite football tournament held in India. Punders flood the Primatch site to bet in large numbers on the odds of various games.

How to Bet on Football
at Parimatch?

Below are the step-by-step instructions that will help you learn how to start your own account on Parimatch:

  • Register: Once you have opened the Parimatch website, click on the ‘Join Now button and fill in the details once the registration form appears.
  • Make a deposit: After the registration step has been completed, enter the deposit amount, select your method of transaction, and confirm it
  • Go to the Live Events section or Upcoming Matches: Select from the football matches found on the left side of the site.
  • Choose an event and a match: You can choose a game after viewing all of the available football events and selecting the one that piques your attention.
  • Select the betting market: Click on the game you’re interested in to view the betting markets and their odds. Next, decide which betting market you wish to use.
  • Place your bet: Decide on the bet and confirm it.
  • End: Now you just have to wait for the result.

Parimatch Live Football

Parimatch Live Football Betting

Parimatch live football betting is quite popular among punters and constantly keeps them on their toes when betting on matches online. Live betting allows one to wager while the event is still happening on the field. The odds are updated regularly after ten minutes and the bettors are constantly updated. This feature is beneficial as you can watch the match and place bets simultaneously.

Parimatch Mobile App for
Football Betting

The sportsbook has its own social media presence all across the internet making it easier for the public to use their services. The app replicates all the features of the desktop version on the site, but using the application will bring you more comfort and enjoyment of the game. With the help of the Parimatch betting app, you can register an account, wager bets on various sporting events like football, get information about bonus offers, conduct a deposit and withdraw funds using various deposit methods, and much more! Also, the app is popularly known for combining sports betting, and various excellent online casino games, slot machines, poker, and many other forms of diverse entertainment. 

The app makes betting on your favourite matches so much easier and convenient. To increase your potential winnings tap on the Parimatch icon on your phone and begin your betting adventure. The app is specially designed for football betting but harbors other sports as well. The app also uses advanced technology to safeguard your data from external threats.. Players can also run the app in various languages, such as Hindi, English, Kannada, Bengali, Malayalam, and so on.

The software is also available on both the operating devices, Android and iOS. The app works well and the same on both versions in terms of comparable style and functionality. The app does not demand high system requirements and works efficiently on smartphones of all types.

Parimatch Welcome Bonus of
Rs. 20,000 for Football Betting

Parimatch Welcome Bonus

After making your first deposit, new players at Paimatch are offered a welcome bonus worth Rs. 20,000. In order to avail of this facility, you need to register yourself on the website and make a deposit of at least Rs. 300. Once the deposit has been initiated, you are entitled to promotions and offers. The bonus is meant to entice players and give them a headstart on Parimatch.

What Perks Are Offered in
Football Betting on Parimatch?

To make the most out of what you have earned and have a smooth experience on the platform, Parimatch offers 24/7 excellent customer service. Having good customer service that is fast and efficient will positively affect your online betting experience. You can get help from the support staff regarding various inquiries, such as technical issues, promotions, and assistance in creating a Parimatch account. The staff ensures that players are satisfied with all the services so that we can enjoy a seamless and smooth betting journey.

A user-friendly interface is considered a great requirement in a betting platform as it allows players to navigate through their services in a smooth and hassle-free manner and Parimatch ensures that players receive exactly what they are searching for. The platform goes through all highs and lows to cater to the needs of both new and experienced bettors. You can traverse through the site and find your favourite sports, manage your account, and communicate with other players. Every step taken on Parimatch has been designed by one of the best-developing teams, to enhance your experience. Building a site that has an attractive interface and well-laid elements, makes it easier for the players to focus on what matters the most and enjoy betting to its fullest.

Parimatch uses the latest technology on hand to promote safety and security on its platform, both website and app. All the payment options provided to players are safe and secure and are processed within minutes. Compared to other betting sites, Parimatch uses a different method approach to satisfy players, it believes in providing quick payouts and a variety of payment options. By offering such a benefit, players need not wait for long hours to receive their earnings, thus, enhancing their level of satisfaction and overall loyalty to the platform.

Parimatch makes ready all kinds of bonuses and promotions for current players to increase, to increase customer satisfaction and entice them to stay loyal to the site. Once you have entered the world of Parimatch, you will be offered an attractive welcome bonus to cashback rewards on preferred sports. If players have been playing regularly on the site every day they will become part of the loyalty program, which will elevate their gaming moments and add value to every bet placed.

Since Parimatch is an Asian-based casino, it caters to the needs of all Asians throughout the continent. The platform has been programmed and tailored to provide casino games and sports based on their popularity in the region. For example, in India, Parimatch offers users popular sports such as cricket, football, kabaddi, and basketball. This gives Indians the opportunity to bet on their favorite sport and select from competitive odds.

By offering players a variety of payment methods, it becomes convenient for them to initiate a deposit or request a withdrawal. Parimatch has a variety of payment options, ranging from popular Indian digital wallets, like Gpay, Paytm, and PhonePe to virtual wallets like Skrill or Neteller, making it possible for users to charge up their accounts effortlessly without any hindrance.

Top Football Betting Tips
for Beginners

Top Football Betting Tips for Beginners

Below are some tips that will help new bettors in successfully placing bets on football matches:

Pursue bets that are worth

Placing bets on odds that are worth your money will surely pay you back in the future.

Educate yourself on a specific league

Knowledge is one of the most important factors in our life. You can start out by focusing on a specific league or tournament, the more you learn about it the better decision you can make for yourself.

Record your bets and their outcomes

By recording all your bets along with their results, you are learning a lot about the market and making good use of all the bets that you lost as well as won. 

Study Form

How well is a specific team doing? Is a striker on fire right now? Additionally, it’s not necessarily just about outcomes; it can also be about how effectively a team performs during particular phases of a game. For instance, regardless of the team’s present form, if a side with a lot of pace plays against a team with poor defensive play and a high line, the pacey side may have a better chance of winning.


You can choose from different betting options on football, such as pre-match or live betting. Learn about all the bets available and select the one that meets your preferences.

A beginner can use different ways to bet on football matches, but the most effective and safest option would be to wager on real matches where you can bet using pre-match or in-play.

Parimatch is one of the best when it comes to sports betting, it provides players with a wide range of betting options and various bonuses and promotions.